Ugly Disposable Vape Pens

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Ugly disposable vape sticks are a great way to kick the habit of smoking. With it's sleek and compact design, it is almost the same size as a cigarette.. This device is all you need, all in one to get started vaping. 

Ugly disposable is a great alternative to smoking. First, the device is so simple... it has no buttons. You don't have to refill it with eliquid, and you don't have to charge it. Just inhale on it and you are all set. Also, this comes with a great throat hit technology. Optimizing salt nicotine so it feels like a cigarette. 

Product features: 

  • 1.2ml salt nic strength
  • 6.8% strength
  • 280 mAh battery

Ugly only focuses on two flavors. Lychee Ice and Pineapple. Their pineapple tastes like a fresh cut juicy pineapple that is grown in the Hawaiian islands. This pineapple has a potent flavor, you won't leave your ugly disposable down. 


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Customer Reviews

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Love my LUSH ICE!!!

Though I have had some issues with ordering on their website. I do love my disposable vape. I did happen to waste a lot of money on 10 of the wrong flavor vapes; which turned out to be disgusting. But it still is cheaper then the gas stations. So just double, triple, quadruple check your order before checking out!!! Oh and be careful with the amount you are ordering, I tried to order 10 and went through as 1. Paid for shipping too. Which SUCKED! Maybe the company should help us out by refunding or exchanging wrong orders? And while their at it fixing their website!

I really love these

I LOVE THESE THINGS, will get more 😊


Got a vape today , ordered 4 ugly pineapple only revived 3 and one wasn’t working and the rest tasted so burnt . I will be asking for a refund to anyone else ordering do not buy trust me waited a week. Wasnt worth the 28$ at all never again 😡

Good flavor

Hits nice but not as strong as 6.8%
Feels like a 5.5% or a 6%

Tyler G
Good flavor but no Benzoic Acid

280 mAh, 1.3ML, 6.8% salt nic
Ingredients: USP Kosher grade vegetable glycerin, USP Kosher grade Propylene Glycol, flavor, nicotine

Good flavor, great price (at $5.95ea), but no benzoic acid and therefore not a very efficient nicotine delivery system. I recommend buying the Ugly pods.