Ugly Mint Pods (Compatible)

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Ugly is the newest brand in the compatible pods market. Ugly mint pods are the closest replication of the juul mint pods. This mint brings you a flavor of a fresh, cool, and satisfying flavor. Ugly brand should be in every menthol lover cart. 

Why we love Ugly? 

Because of their unique flavors like the strawberry kiwi, and lychee ice. Ugly has brought unique high-quality pods that put every other brand to shame. Also, maybe because their throat hit is very smooth even though it's 6% salt nic strength. 

Another plus for the ugly mint is that you pay around 30% less than the original juul pods. So, you will be saving money... getting pods that never leak for MUCH BETTER PRICE and VALUE!

Product features:

  • 6% strength
  • .7ml in each pods
  • 4 pods a pack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Taste isn't bad kind of similar to spearmint. But it doesn't hit as strong or good as the Lychee Ice. DISAPPOINTED!

Updated Review

Upon further review, Ugly (and also Mist, as long as they remain manufactured in the same facility) are actually quite good replacements in terms of nicotine delivery. I would now recommend Ugly over Jones. Ugly seems to have a slight delay in the nicotine rush; perhaps they use less benzoic acid or perhaps its a different form of benzoic acid than Juul. But anyways... TL;DR: If I HAD to pick one brand, I would recommend Ugly (or Mist; same manufacturer). The flavor is NOT at all comparable to Juul's Mint but the nicotine delivery is second best to Juul.