Uno Amped Disposable Vape (2000 Puffs)

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Uno Amped disposable vapes are the newest release by the Uno brand. This brand has been the go to for flavorful, high quality, long lasting devices. Now, they have made their biggest and most powerful device.  This device comes with tobacco free nicotine. However, it has 5% synthetic nicotine in it. 

Available Flavors:

  • Energy drink: a refreshing red-bull like vape.
  • Keylime Pie: The flavor that put Uno on the map. A delicious key-lime flavor perfected with the new coil inside this device.  
  • Lush ice: Watermelon ice.
  • Melon twist: A candy flavor with a hint of melon.
  • Passion Fruit Mango: A fruity flavor of passion fruit with a very strong mango hint.
  • Strawberry Yogurt: Uno's most popular flavor with a strawberry and cream.

The uno amped also comes with new flavors like watermelon candy and melon twist.

Product features:

  • 1200mah battery
  • 5% synthetic nicotine strength
  • 2000 puffs disposable


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brooke Redwine
Quality Vapes with amazing selection!

I love 2nd Wife Vape! They always have quality vapes and an amazing selection!! Uno Mas Amped is always a good choice! If there is ever a problem they are always friendly and caring and will make it right!


Key lime taste like key lime . I will buy again . 2000 puffs maybe i didnt count but it lasted for 8 days.

Uno Mas

Uno Mas is the best!

Roxanne Ajemian
Key Lime

I really like this flavor, still using it now. I was leery, as I was hooked on the smaller ones, and the taste just got bad over time. Couldn’t use them anymore... but this one is really good!

Jinese Yockman
Uno Amped 5⭐s

0⭐s for Service!
(Speaking to You SALAH)
5⭐s for Uno Amped.
April 13th I
•key lime pie
•lush ice
April 16 I 'RECEIVED'
•Lush Ice 5⭐
•Keylime pie 5⭐
so I ordered 3 uno amped and received 2 uno Amped!
I HAVE emailed 2WV everyday since the day I received my package and noticed.
B4 I begin, I want to point out I have ordered w this company for a while now, there Have been previous issues and EVERY SINGLE TIME 'Mahmoud' made it right!! I even stuck up for Cust Srvc in a prev review.
I now know that any 0⭐s and bad Cust Serv complaints HAD to b customers that had the misfortune of 'SALAH' answering their emails!!
This was my 1st experience with SALAH responding to my emails! And I WON'T EVER ORDER FROM 2WV AGAIN!

I provided proof along with screenshots of (6 Items ordered) UnoAmped Watermelon candy appears.
And also (5 Items Delivered) ss photo...
Where clearly it shows NO watermelon candy shipped or delivered.
4 times I sent proof!
where 3 days later, (SALAH) responded with "What is your order missing? It shows your order was delivered April 16th"..
(Me)Yes, yes it was, that's how I know there is no UNO AMPED Watermelon Candy!!!
(SALAH) I'll look into this..
into what? Why u haven't sent my missing vape after so long and having proof!!!
*clears throat*
It is now APRIL 25th,
I have emailed 2wv directly AS well As Responding back to emails SALAH had answered from. I even sent an email to 'Mahmoud'..
SO now my time AND money are being wasted , and flat ass being ignored all this time and not receiving my vape, wld make me really stupid to give them my money again...
If there is a way to attach my proof here whn Im done , I will.