UNO BAR Vape (now with 12 flavors)

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UNO bar vape disposables are SKOL's newest addition to the vaping world. Don't ever think that SKOL is capitalizing on the disposable trend. They were one of the first-ever to make disposables popular with their delicious pink lemonade flavor.  This is just their reformulation with new flavors and designs.

The SKOL UNO Bar has three new flavors that caught our eyes. First, the Strawberry Yogurt is such a unique flavor that we can't find it anywhere else. If you ever tasted a strawberry flavored yogurt, then you know what this tastes like.  A top flavor in terms of uniqueness. The second flavor is cush man which is mango with menthol. Their last unique flavor is Lemon Biscuit. 

Product features:

  • 5% nicotine strength
  • 1.8ml of ejuice in each device
  • 280 mah battery 
  • 200-500 puffs

Complete list of flavors: 

Lush ice, Strawberry Yogurt, Banana Ice, Cool Mint, Cush Man, Grape, Pina colada, Blueberry, Blueberry Ice, Iced Peach.

Warning: This product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive substance. Not for sale to minors or anyone under the age of 21. 

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Customer Reviews

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Always satisfied!

First and foremost, the company with which we have dealt, 2nd Wife Vape, have ALWAYS stride to get our order to us in a timely manner! Congratulations 2nd Wife Vape! Uno Mas Vape (cool mint) is the most enjoyable!

Strawberry Yogurt

This is now my go to and my favorite! Now if they would come up with a vanilla, I’d be happy!


I order 5 uno bar 2 doesn’t work

UNO Bar vape

Package came on time and with care!

Strawberry Yogurt UNO Bar

I ordered 3 UNO Bars (Pina Colada-very tasty and very strong Pina Colada taste, Iced Banana Taffy- By far my FAVORITE so far and has the perfect Laffy Taffy aftertaste and finally the Strawberry Yogurt- but unfortunately they sent me the Blueberry one -So epic fail and disappointing that I didn’t get to try but i’m sure would be great)