UNO Mas Vape Disposables (1200 puffs device)

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UNO Mas Vape disposables 5% (1200 puffs) Uno mas vapes are the newest release by the uno brand. The regular disposables were fine and people loved them. However, they had a big issue and it is that they don’t last long. We are thankful for the company for listening to its customers by making a longer lasting vape without compromising the size or design.

Uno mas disposable comes in the same delicious flavors as the previous generation but with 1200 puffs. That’s 900 hits or 3 times more than the uno bar. Don’t worry, they are not charging you 3 times more though. This is probably the cheapest way to vape as it costs around $11.99 per device.

Uno mas flavors: 
Strawberry yogurt
blueberry ice
ice banana taffy
cool mint
iced peach
iced lychee
pink lemonade
and grape.
Product features: * 5% salt nicotine * 3.4 ml of ejuice * 870 mah battery size * 1200 puffs / hitts per device Our staff tips: if you are tired of basic flavors like pink lemonade and cool mint which almost every brand has. Then pick the strawberry yogurt. It is a truly different flavor that we have never vaped anything like before. The flavor is on point, it feels like vaping an actual strawberry yogurt.

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