Vapor Frio Batteries for Cartridges

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Frio Vapor batteries are the ultimate all in one device for your 510 threaded cartridges. A powerful device that competes with the likes of ooze and many other premium brands. This company has managed to bring you upgrades to the simple vape batteries that make your experience on another level. We have seen cheap batteries breaking after 2 or 3 weeks of use. However, Frio has managed to deliver outstanding quality that makes it different from the rest. 

The Frio vapor top twist brings you an adjustable voltage on top of the pen. This controls how strong or hot you want to burn your oil cartridge. They understand that different products burn better at certain temperatures. That's why the engineers at this company are trying to achieve. 

Battery Features:

  • 1100mAh battery.
  • 110mm long.
  • 510 thread cartridge/tank compatible
  • USB charger included.

How long does this battery last on a single charge? The average battery life of the 1100mAh size is usually 2 days. That means on a single charge, you can enjoy hundreds of puffs until you need to recharge it. 

This product also comes in many different colors. A shiny silver, a beautiful multicolor design, a dark black color, shiny gold, or simple white. Choose the color and style that you like for more personalization. 

Frio's top priority is the safety of its customers. A well-made battery is necessary when it comes to vaping. You do the vaping, and this brand takes care of the quality. 

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