Vcan Honor 2 in 1 disposable vape (4400 Puffs)

Save 50%

Vcan Honor 2 in 1 disposable vape takes the lead now as our biggest, most puff count in the whole vaping industry. This brand understands that some people get tired of vaping the same flavor for 4000 puffs, so they gave you two flavors in one device. A switch on the bottom allows you to switch between the flavors whenever you like. 

Vcan Honor Disposable Features:

  • 2 flavors in 1 device
  • 4400 puffs per device
  • 10ml of salt nicotine ejuice
  • 5% salt nic strength.

Available flavors:

  • Cotton Candy + Energy Drink
  • Mixed Berries + Blueberry Ice
  • Grape Ice + Cool Mint
  • Banana Ice + Strawberry Watermelon
  • Blue Razz Ice + Mamba
  • Strawberry Cheesecake + Watermelon
  • Pink Colada + Lush Ice
  • Strawberry Guava + Blue Razz Lemon
  • Red Bull + Bubblegum
  • Peach Ice + Tiger Blood

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amazing price for the value

Best yummy vape ever! Lasts forever. The energy drink us bomb!


Last a long time, some of the Ice flavors are so so. Have had some sides run out faster than others. Overall good pen

Great Service

Great service(as usual)....not so keen on the VCan the omega XL.....all in all everything is GOOD VALUE!

Don't buy this. Definitely not 4400 puffs either.

Okay I need to learn to not buy things before I see reviews and there were no reviews on any site yet but I saw 4400 puffs for the same price as a 2500 and figured It was worth it. However, the peach ice is horrible the tigers blood is not what I've ever been told tiger blood was and it maybe lasted 1500 puffs. I haven't even finished a 2000 in a week. And since the taste was horrible, I barely used it. I'm also one who will turn it upside down once in awhile to. Makensure the cotton isn't dry but it was just gone. I doubt I made it 800 puffs avtually. And I also bought a blueberry ice mixed berry one. It was much better tasting but lasted the same time span. Oh and the mailman delivered it to the wrong mailbox. Luckily someone dropped it off late at night in our patio. Of course that's not 2nd wife's problem, this site is amazing. But these are horrible disposables.


I got this one to give it a try. 4400 PUFFS sounds really good. It is TOTALLY FALSE ADVERTISING. There was NO DIFFERENCE IN FLAVORS AS ADVERTISED.
DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ----THIS IT 100% FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. Battery didn't last 3 days even. I see that they are now sold out. Hopefully they just threw them away.