Virginia Tobacco

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Coming straight from a Virginia tobacco leaf, this pod is perfect for all tobacco flavor lovers. This pod imitates an exact cigarette taste. The pod gives an extremely smooth and satisfying hit. Virginia tobacco pods by Juul is perfect for first-time vapers and for anyone trying to quit smoking. That is what makes it the most popular flavor in this collection.

This flavor is excellent at delivering the buzz that the average smoker often seeks but can't find with traditional pods.

Looking for an easy way to kick a nasty habit of smoking cigarettes but the conventional E-cigarettes weren't doing the trick. Announcing the all new Juul. The Juul device is lightweight slim and slim and will fit inside any pocket with ease. Juul made vaping an easy way for anyone to quit smoking all those nasty carcinogens while still getting the satisfying buzz you get off them.

These pods is the first salt nic wave everybody hopped on to. This new creative way for smokers to swap to something other than a cigarette. Cigarettes carry so much extra gunk that nobody wants to inhale so Juul decided to a create something that would only contain the nicotine amount a cigarette carries. A healthier alternative for cigarette smokers. 


Available in level 50mg of nicotine.

Comes in 4 pack of Virginia tobacco pods

Warning: this product contains nicotine and is intended only for ages 18+


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Customer Reviews

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Great pods

Real juul

Great price and easy to order. I’ll be buying all my pods from here.

Perfect Pods & Great Service

All packs/pods are authentic Juul products, there wasn’t a single leak or drop of liquid missing in an 8 pack order so I can’t complain at all. Be aware it’s openly expressed on the site that processing of your package may take two business days. That means up to two days for them to package and drop the box at the shipping company of your choice. Therefore if you pay for two day shipping, you can expect the timeline to be 2-4 business days. Every complaint posted about shipping was from a simple mistake of someone not reading the processing clause.
Thanks again, I look forward to doing more business in the future.


Great service!

Product is great express shipping Not so much

Like I said products are great and at a great price. However, if you pay for 2 day shipping you should get your order in two days not 5 Days later!!!