Novo Juice (Top 5 Eliquids to Use with SMOK)

We receive tens of emails a month asking us what are the best Novo juices or what to use with their Novo 2. The truth is, there is no simple answer. The pod system is made for high nicotine salt liquids. That means anything with around 50/50 VG/PG and uses salt nicotine. 

We made it easy for you, here is a list of juices that are best used with SMOK Novo. Our staff and vape experts always recommend using premium eJuice, especially when using sal nicotines.



Naked is the brand that sits on top of all other vaping brands. They are known for making amazing and delicious fruity flavors. Their Lava flow is a genius mix of pineapples, coconuts, and strawberries. Almost anyone that vapes heard of naked and their liquids. Other flavors to consider include Strawberry Pom (used to be called brain freeze). 

Full Flavor List:

  • Amazing Mango
  • Hawaiian POG
  • Arctic Air
  • Strawberry Pom
  • Lava Flow
  • Polar Breeze (Now called Melon)
  • Berry (menthol)
  • Azul Berries
  • Green Blast.

Nasty Juice.

This is the only vape manufacture on this list that's based outside the United States. Don't let that fool you though, they won't be so popular here if they were not artisanal quality. Their slow blow is their most popular one. It brings you a unique blend of Fresh pineapples, lemonade, and low mint. 

Other recommending include the NY based company BAD Drip Labs which recently moved to another state. So we don't know if we should call it that. Anyways, try God's Nectar. It is definitely a work of art. Blending the sweetest passion fruits with other fruity flavors to create an exotic liquid. 

In conclusion, we recommend using name brand liquids that have been tried by millions of vapers. These companies have been around for 5 or more years. You can see reviews on them and they do get 5 stars from credited reviewers. So pick a juice for your NOVO device, start vaping and quit smoking. 

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