The Best eJuice for Your Caliburn Device

The Caliburn by Uwell has become one of our top-selling devices this year. Many of our customers have asked us what ejuice to use with their Caliburn. Actually, many of them asked what ejuices is THE BEST to use?

Our answer is fairly simple. 

The Caliburn pods are formulated to work with almost any salt nic juice. However, if you are asking what is the best salt nic flavor? Well, everyone taste buds are different but most of our customers agree that these Eliquids are liked by 99% of vapors. 

Our staff recommendations:

If you like mint (or a hint of mint) then your best option is to go with the nasty salt line. The Nasty brand makes amazing fruity flavors mixed with low mint. Their most recognizable flavor is slow slow which is a pineapple soda with mint. The slow blow unique bottle comes in 35mg and 50mg strength. Your Caliburn device will bring this e-liquid's bursting flavor. 

For tobacco fans, our customers keep giving the tobacco by Gost a 5 star review. We haven't found anyone that dislikes the Gost Tobacco. The only downside to this brand is that they make bottles in 59mg strength. It can be an upside to some who want a good nicotine buzz. However, if you want a low nicotine then go with a different eliquid company.


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