3 Things to Remember Before You Buy Your Next Vape Kit!


Before you throw your money into a vaporizer starter kit that doesn’t suit you, here are 3 things to remember before you buy your next vape kit!

Vape Box Mods

Please note: There are two kinds of Mods, Regulated and Mechanical. The regulated mods normally have a computer chip inside that regulates the power for your mod. Regulated mods are regarded as a safer choice for beginner vapors and we recommend them because they are easier to use. We do not advice on getting a mechanical mod if you are not a professional.


When you’re thinking of buying a vaporizer there are thousands of different vaporizer starter kits to choose from, but how do you know which one is right for you? How much you spend and what style of vaporizer you choose will be determined by several different factors. In the following article, we’ll go through 3 things to remember before you buy your next vape kit!

  • Size of your Vaporizer – Size does matter! You need to consider how you’re going to be using your vaporizer and where. If you’re planning on vaping a lot and carrying your vaporizer in your pocket, then it needs to be a comfortable size to slip easily in and out of your pocket. If you aren’t interested in sub-oh vaping and cloud chasing, a small pen-style vaporizer like the Aspire K4 would be ideal. If size isn’t a problem, something more substantial and powerful like the SMOK G-Priv 2 could be for you!


  • Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung Vaping – If you like to inhale directly to your lungs, then you’re a DL vaper. However, if you let you vapor linger in your mouth first, then you’re an MTL vaper. For MTL vaping, you need a vaporizer that runs above 1 Ohm. For DL vaping, you’ll be searching for a Sub-Ohm Vaporizer like the SMOK S-Priv 230 W Starter Kit.


  • Clouds or no Clouds – This is important! If you’re planning on chasing clouds or doing some of those awesome vaping tricks, then you need to start with a vaporizer that can chuck out some serious clouds of vapor. The Vaporesso Revenger X would be an ideal starter kit to get you started. Remember, if you’re chasing clouds, then you’ll need some delicious e-liquids and e-juice to go along with it! We have a wide range of high VG e-juices to get your taste buds tingling.


It is also important to choose the right eJuice for yourself. Read our article on how to choose an Ejuice that suits your style.



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