A Guide to Reading a COA

If you are a regular weed user, then COA must be a familiar term to you. Yes, it is the certificate of analysis available with every CBD product. You will come across a QR code on the pack of your product. Once you scan it, the lab results of that particular product will pop on your screen. However, if you don’t find any such code on the pack, leave the product and run. 

Yes, we are serious. Any CBD product without a code of COA or any other related information is trouble. Read further to know more about COA and how can you read it. 

What is COA? 

COA is a Certificate of Analysis or a document of test results available with every CBD and THC product. COAs are usually issued by third-party testing. 

In simpler terms, COAs are like nutritional facts for CBD products. All reputed brands and retail stores will sell products holding a valid COA. Thus, if you find any CBD product lacking this, be sure not to buy it. 

How to Read a COA?

Here’s how you can read a COA: 

  1. Basic information 

Start by locating the name of the brand and the lab it was sent to for tests. You will find these names at the top of the COA. Then, verify the name of the sample and match it with your product. Lastly, look for the date that the lab results were concluded. Make sure that it is updated or is at least within a year of tests. 

  1. Heavy metals or pesticides 

This part is very simple and important to read. Look for terms like: 

  • Heavy metals 

  • Mycotoxins 

  • Pesticides 

  • Residual solvents 

  • Listeria Monocyogenes 

  • Pathogenic 

Next, you will find terms like “passed” or “ND” besides these names. This indicates that the CBD product is free of toxins and safe to use. 

  1. Cannabinoid content 

Now it is time to check for the cannabinoids present in the product. The cannabinoid content will mention the amount of each cannabinoid that is present in the product. It will be written in milligrams per gram. However, the numbers may not exactly translate to what’s on the COA due to additives. Hence, read this information carefully. 

  1. Terpenes profile 

Terpenes are what give you the flavor and effects. Knowing about them can be helpful. You can look for them online or visit our website for more information. 

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