A Guide to Understanding Delta 8 Cigarettes

There’s nothing like a good smoke. Especially, after a long tiring day. That’s the time when you need something relaxing like Delta 8. It is a variant of THC available in the cannabis plant. Delta 8 is a milder variant as compared to other versions of THC like Delta 9. 

Hence, let’s learn more about it and what Delta 8 cigarettes are. 

What is Delta 8? 

As mentioned earlier, Delta 8 is a variant of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It is present in trace amounts in the cannabis plant and offers the desired euphoric effects. However, Delta 8 is not the only type of THC you will find. There are other variants too such as Delta 9 and Delta 10

Though all these variants have similar properties, they still differ in the kind of psychoactive effects they offer. For example, Delta 8 offers a mild high, just enough to keep you in a good mood and relaxed. Whereas, Delta 9 offers an intense high or rush of emotions. While on the other hand, Delta 10 gives mild euphoric effects but are slightly different than those of Delta 8. 

Is Delta 8 Legal? 

To your surprise, Delta 8 is legal! The authorities in our country issued a Farm Bill in 2018. As per this regulation, any hemp-derived THC product is legal to buy and use in the country. This includes all Delta 8 products as they contain the permitted amount of THC. Therefore, you can freely buy and use Delta 8 THC products in the US. However, it is still better to be aware of the local laws regarding the same before using the products. 

What are Delta 8 Cigarettes? 

Delta 8 cigarettes are nothing like those tobacco cigarettes you get in the market. In fact, these are much safer versions of them. Delta 8 cigarettes contain CBD flower and distillate of Delta 8. The substances are mixed and wrapped to resemble a cigarette. 

These are safer and better as they do not contain tobacco, nicotine, fillers, or any other additional chemicals. Also, Delta 8 cigarettes do not release toxins like tar and carbon monoxide. Hence, these are just good and soothing smoke to relax you after a long day. 

What are Some Good Delta 8 Smoke Options? 

You will find a variety of Delta 8 products in the market. However, some of the best options to smoke it are: 

  1. Cigarettes 

  2. Pre-rolls 

  3. Flower 

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