Are CBD and Marijuana the Same?

If you have been using weed, you must be familiar with marijuana and cannabis. For a layman, these two might mean the same, that is, weed. However, they are not. Cannabis and marijuana are a little different. Hence, if you like smoking weed, here’s what you should know about marijuana and cannabis. 

What is Marijuana and Cannabis? 

Let’s start with cannabis first. Cannabis is the name of the species of marijuana and hemp. The term also refers to the psychoactive marijuana flower. Now, since cannabis has been legalized and decriminalized in many states in the US, it is safer to use the term cannabis. 

Whereas, marijuana, on the other hand, is the flower of the female cannabis plant. This flower is responsible for all the psychoactive effects the plant offers. However, the latest laws only refer to cannabis and hemp as legal substances. Therefore, using the term marijuana might get you into some trouble. 

Besides these two terms, other names are often used interchangeably. CBD and THC are some examples. 

  • CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in both male and female cannabis plants. But this cannabinoid, unlike others, doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. In simpler terms, CBD cannot make you high. But it is well-known for its therapeutic qualities and thus, is also legal. 

  • THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound found in marijuana. This is the compound responsible for causing the famous weed high. That’s also the reason, it is banned in some parts of the US. 

But thankfully, with recent laws, many states have legalized the use and purchase of CBD and THC products. This indirectly means cannabis and marijuana products. 

Effects of THC and CBD 

As mentioned earlier, CBD and THC have very different effects. THC produces the mind-altering actual impact, which we commonly call the high. Whereas, CBD has been observed to produce no such psychoactive effects. In fact, studies show that CBD is better at offering therapeutic effects. This is the perfect compound for the ones who want the goodness of the cannabis plant without getting high. 

Further, THC also has some side effects like anxiety, paranoia, tiredness, confusion, brain fog, etc. But CBD on the other hand has no such side effects. 

Both cannabis and marijuana are helpful in their ways. However, it is always advised to try these substances after an expert consultation. 

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