Best Pineapple Flavored EJuice

Pineapple Ejuice

There are many pineapple flavored eliquids in the market. No one wants to try the tens or maybe hundreds of pineapple flavored ejuices out there. That will cost you an arm and a leg to try them all. What's worst? some of them taste like shit. So our staff tried a few and gathered reviews. Also, we asked our customers, on what they believe is the best pineapple flavor out there. 

We did the testing, so you don't have to waste your money anywhere else. 

Yes, we know taste is subjective. However, there is a reason why a high percentage of the testers really enjoyed these products. They are well made, quality liquids made by reputable brands. 

We came up with final two:




Price: $13.99 for 100ml. VG: 70% PG 60%

This is Vapetasia's most popular product. Pineapple Express is a truly luxurious eliquid. It offers a wild flavor of tropical blend with a taste of pineapple that is very smooth and creamy.

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Lava Flow by Naked 100

Lava Flow By Naked 100

Our Price: $9.90 for 60ml. VG 70% PG 30%

 Although it's not just a pineapple flavor, it has the perfect balance of pineapple, coconuts, and hints of delicious strawberries.  

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