Cheap eJuices That Are Worth Your Money!

Craving a good e-liquid but don’t have the money to be spending? Look no further! All of us here at 2nd wife vape thought we’d take a moment to talk about some cheap, yet REALLY good e-liquids you can order from right here!

1. Country clouds Corn Bread Pudding. This flavor is available to purchase from our website for only $14.99 and comes to you in a 100ml bottle! What’s better than saving money? Now, though this is a cheap 100ml this doesn’t mean that the flavor lacks at all. This juice is actually one of our top sellers. We can not keep this juice on the shelves ever! We’re constantly running out! Grandma’s sweet famous flaky corn bread mixed into a sweet vanilla pudding that’s so mouth watering just to even think about! This flavor is one of the best e-liquids we’ve ever had and a good deal too! Grab a bottle while you can!

Country Clouds ejuice


2. If you love fruity vapes you’ll have to try out Naked100’s Very Berry. This juice is indeed VERY Berry! A super sweet blended concoction of tart lemons, sweet blueberries and juicy blackberries, this flavor will soothe your taste buds. Such a good and classic flavor from Naked100 you have to try it out! This bottle is available in a 60ml and is only $9.90 on our website so slide on over to our naked100 page and check it out!

Really Berry Naked 100


3. Dinner lady is here and she’s whipping good stuff up in the kitchen! She’s most famous for her lemon tart but now she’s created something even better that everyone should know about. If you love mangoes this is the juice for you... a creamy mango tart! The sweetness of the mangoes gives its users a sweet tart with an even sweeter fruit placed right on top! This 60ml bottle is available on our website for only $8.00! Such a good flavor for a lower budget.

Get Dinner Lady

4. Check out the classic Blue Slushie by keep it 100! This flavor is so popular it’s hard for us to keep it in stock. This blue raspberry is so sweet and tasty it’ll rock your taste buds. This e-liquid also comes to you in a 100ml unicorn bottle that’s easy for refilling. Did we mention this 100ml is only $12.99 on our website? Purchase this e-liquid today and save money, without having to give up the quality!

Get Blue Slushie by Keep It 100

5. Last but not at all least we’ve got Bad Drips most popular flavor. Don’t care bear will make you not care for anything other than this e-liquid. A mixture of gummy guts, peaches and pears this unique flavor is so sweet and amazing you’ll never want to put your vape down. Delivered to you in a 60ml bottle, this juice also comes inside a unique giant prescription like pill bottle and has bad drip’s logo on a nice little cloth for you to use. Get cool packaging and amazing flavor for only $11.99 on our website now!
Get Bad Drip 

Each e-liquid above comes to you in your choice of 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Some e-juices listed above are either 60ml or 100ml.

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