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About Hidden Hills.

Hidden Hills is a California-based firm that has a loyal fan base in the industry because of its attention to detail and distinctive designs. Their product offerings never let you down. Hidden Hills was established in 2021 by a gathering of seasoned businesspersons that were enthusiastic about the cannabis industry. The firm is committed to making top-caliber and affordable products.

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Hidden Hills Most Sought-After Products’ Reviews.

Hidden Hills Live Resin Gummies.
What exactly are the Hidden Hills Live Resin Gummies? Hidden Hills Live Resin Gummies are bite-sized gummy sweets with some of the most fantastic flavors and a strong cannabinoid mix that will leave you with satisfying euphoric feelings. Each Hidden Hills gummy has a unique combination of live resin cannabinoids, including Delta 11, Delta 9, and THC-P. Enjoy 300mg of every gummy and a total of 3000mg per pack. You can choose from three wonderful flavors, including rainbow belts, strawberry belts, and blueberry belts.

The Hidden Hills Live Resin Gummies are a fantastic gummy delight that will lift your spirits and deliver euphoric vibes throughout your body and mind. These delicious adult gummies include a potent combination of Delta 11, Delta 9, and THC-P, resulting in an effective experience that you'll look forward to each time.


Hidden Hills Live Resin Gummies Flavors

  • Blueberry belts. Set off on a flavorful adventure that will splash your taste buds with a wonderful coating of tart blueberries. It's a delicious blueberry candy flavor that will quickly become a favorite.

  • Rainbow belts. Enjoy this recreated rainbow belts flavor, which gives a fruity candy spectrum of flavors that are all mixed to guarantee your taste buds are satisfied with every bite.

  • Strawberry Belts- Enjoy a wonderful strawberry flavor that will soak your tongue with plenty of flavorsome enjoyment. It has a delightful strawberry candy flavor that you will like.

Hidden Hills Live Resin Cartridges 2 gram.

The Hidden Hills Club 510 cartridge has 2 grams of their proprietary combination of Delta 11, Delta 8, THC-P, and Delta 9. The cartridge is compatible with 510 batteries. Hidden Hills spent numerous hours researching and developing the ceramic coil in these cartridges to provide a consistent draw and flavor with each hit.

Cartridge Strains from Hidden Hills

  • Mojito Melon - (Hybrid)

  • Cherry Splash - (Sativa)

  • Snapple Pop - (Indica)

  • Verde Dream OG - "formally known as Green Dream OG" - (Indica)

  • Pink Snapple - (Hybrid)

  • Limeade Palmer - (Sativa)

Another Hidden Hills product offered at 2nd Wife Vape is the Lemon Cherry Zkittles Disposable By Hidden Hills. A Lemon Cherry Zkittlez Sativa prepared using the VVS blend. A mix of delicious fruits flavor. This strand is well-known for its calm elevating effects. Enjoy this high-quality disposable on the move; the tiny disposable design is the most practical way to enjoy this VVS blend. The meticulously designed composition employs creative mixing procedures to provide a one-of-a-kind and immersive delta experience. The product contains Delta 8, THC-A, and THC-P.

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2nd Wife Vape offers the peak of cannabis delights with Hidden Hills' premium goods. Embrace the euphoria of their expertly developed cannabis offerings, which range from delectable gummies to top-tier cartridges. Hidden Hills' excellent quality and enticing flavors will elevate your adventure. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the finest cannabis experiences. Order your favorite product from 2nd Wife Vape now and experience the delight of Hidden Hills!

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