Smok RPM40 review

  • By - AgeChecker Support
  • 07 July, 2020

Detailed smok rpm40 review and advice if you should buy or skip buying. In this article, we explore if you should consider getting the SMOK RPM40. We go in a detailed look into the pros, cons, prices, and product features.


  • Compact design that can easily fit in your hands and pockets.
  • Easy to find coils. The RPM uses Nord coils which are very popular and almost every legit vape shop will carry them.
  • cloud production is amazing considering its size. 
  • Coils are very easy to change, unlike most tanks.

Device CONS:

  • Although this device leaks ejuice less than most mods, it still leaks. 
  • The battery tends to die off after 5-7 months of use. 
  • Reliability is an issue here. This product will stop working if it falls from your hands a few times.


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