Steps to Roll a Perfect Joint

Are you new to the world of weed? Then probably you also wouldn’t know how to roll a joint. But we hope you at least know what it is. A joint is a marijuana wrapped in a rolling paper formed like a cigarette. But it is a lot different than a cigarette in terms of the experience it provides. 

Hence, go through this blog to know a step-wise process to roll a perfect joint. 

Rolling a Joint by Hand

Firstly, here’s what you will need to roll a joint by hand: 

Now let’s start! 

  1. Grind the flower as fine as possible. Also, don’t forget to remove the stems. 

  2. Now, grab the filter/crutch/tip and fold it in accordion style. 

  3. Place the folded filter on one end of the rolling paper and the ground flower on the rest. 

  4. Try to arrange the flower in a way that it forms a line joining with the filter. 

  5. Now, it’s time to roll. Take the rolling paper and try to roll it into a cone shape. 

  6. Make sure that the flower stays in place. 

  7. Now, use your saliva or water to seal the end of the rolling paper. 

  8. Twist the rear end of the joint and pack it securely 

What’s more? Your joint is ready, just light it and enjoy! 

Rolling a Joint with a Roller 

Rolling a joint with a roller is easy and perfect for beginners. However, you will need more tools than the previous process. 

Things that you’ll need: 

  • Flower or weed of your choice 

  • Rolling papers 

  • filter/crutch/tip 

  • Roller 

  • Grinder (optional) 

You can find all these items at a nearby smoke shop or 2nd Wife Vape. 

Let’s begin! 

  1. Grind the flower as fine as possible using your fingers or a grinder. 

  2. Now, take the filter and fold it in accordion style. 

  3. Next, take the roller and open it. 

  4. Place the filter on one end of the rolling paper and begin putting ground flowers onto it. 

  5. Now, take the bottom roller and fold it up to secure the flower and the filter. 

  6. Next, slowly roll the roller towards you and see it form like a cone. 

  7. Now, as the joint seems done, seal it thoroughly. 

Lastly, take the joint out of the roll and just light it up! You are good to go! 

Now that you the process well, why don’t you try it yourself? Buy all the needed accessories from the 2nd Wife Vape. We also sell Delta 8, Delta 9, and CBD products like gummies, tinctures, soft gels, drinks, etc. on our online store. Contact us now to know more! 

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