The Five Best Candy Flavored Ejuices

If you like candy flavored Ejuices, we have made a list of the best candy Eliquid in the market today. We know there are thousands of Eliquid manufacturers out there, producing even more thousands of flavors each year. It will be stressful and will drain your wallet if you try some of them and they turn out to be just awful Ejuices.

So we did the testing for you. This list includes our customer's favorites, our staff favorites, and the top-selling candy-flavored eJuices.

1. Strawberry Candy by Pop Clouds (60 ml for $12.99)

Pop Clouds Strawberry Candy

Pop clouds is a very popular brand in the vaping world. This bottle contains a delicious and mouthwatering sweet candy with a hint of succulent strawberries.

BUY NOW ($12.99)

2.  Bad Drip Labs - Don't Care Bear (60ml for $11.99)

Bad Drip Don't Care Bear

Made by the famous New York based company; the popular Bad Drip Labs. Don't Care Bear is a perfectly crafted flavor of sour patch gummies. On the inhale, you will taste the yummy sour sugar flavor mixed with a hint of fruit. This bottle of delicious vape juice contains an amazing sugary flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Not to mention, each bad drip bottle comes in a uniquely designed package.

Buy Now ($11.99)

3. Cotton Candy by Pop Clouds (60ml $12.99)

Cotton Candy Ejuice

Another great flavor by Pop Clouds. Cotton Candy is unique flavor and a few companies get it right. You will love this vape. 

Buy Now $12.99

4. Sour Worms (100ml for $12.49)

Sour Worms by Candy King

Probably the most recognizable brand in the whole world and the reigning candy flavorerd ejuice champion. Their bottle of worms (formerly sour worms) is excellent for anyone seeking that sour candy flavor. 

You also get the most juice for your bucks. Who can beat 100ml for about $12? 

Buy Now

5. Yummy Gum by Naked 100 (60ml for $9.90)

Yummy Gum Candy KING

Naked 100 gets a five star from our customers. Each line from naked 100 always satisfies our shoppers. Yummy Gum is their best candy flavors. Ripe strawberries and gum.



If you think there is another candy flavor that should be included, please email us and we will test it and write about it in our blog.


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