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OG Kush Strain from Dazed Exotic THCA Flower 2 Grams
Step into the world of Dazed Exotic Indoor THCA Flower, where each 2 gram pack is a ticket to an extraordinary smoke sash. Crafted from premium exotic indoor cannabis, these...
Dazed Exotic THCA Flower 7 Grams Pack Purple Haze
The world's best premium cannabis with 7G pack of Dazed THCA indoor exotic flower! This isn't your average smoke, each strain packs a potent punch with a minimum of 37%...
Dazed THCA Flower 4G Zelato Hybrid Strain
Introducing Dazed THC-A Flower 4G, perfect for those looking to get stoned! This product features only top shelf, premium potent cannabis with no shake or trim. The flower looks and...
Shrumfuzed Nootropic Trippy Psychedelic Mushroom Gummies 8000MG Blue Lemonade
Discover the magic of Shrumfuzed Mushroom gummy tabs by Dazed, each pack delivering a potent 8000 mg! Inside, you'll find 10 individual tabs, each containing 800 mg of trippy nootropic...

Dazed makes Pre Rolls, Edibles and THCA Flower that are top shelf. They promise to get you as high as possible.