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Mind bender Mad honey- Sweet flavor
Indulge in an extraordinary honey experience with Mad Honey Mind Bender Nühoney 7mL pack. Originating from Nepal, this all-natural psychedelic honey, famously known as "MAD Honey," offers a unique and...
Stoned Mushroom Mad Honey Gummies 10000mg Cherry Flavor
Experience a whole new level of tripping with Stoned Mushroom Mad Honey Gummies. Each resealable pouch contains 10 gummies, each packed with 800mg of the finest Mad Honey from Nepal...

What is Mad Honey?

Perhaps you are curious about what Mad Honey is. It is a special kind of honey made by bees when they eat the nectar from rhododendron flowers, mainly Rhododendron luteum and Rhododendron flowers. These specific flowers have grayanotoxins, which are natural substances that cause certain alterations in the mind. The honey has a mild bitterness and a lovely red hue. It has gained a reputation for its hallucinogenic effects.


If you're curious and eager to experiment, our suggestion would be to go for it. Begin at a slow pace. Consume a single sachet or scoop of honey and wait for around 30 minutes. This allows you to observe and understand the impact on yourself. If you want to explore the experience further, don't hesitate to delve a little deeper. Our Mad Honey is not only delicious, but also full of health advantages. Therefore, when you treat yourself, you're not just savoring a tasty treat but also benefiting your health.

Nature and Lawful

I understand your thoughts right now, "Is mad honey legal?" Definitely. Our Mad Honey is made entirely from natural ingredients and is fully compliant with US regulations, allowing you to consume it without any concerns.