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FRIO CART BATTERY (1100 mah) - 510 thread
$20.00 $16.00
FRIO is a Dallas based company that makes high quality batteries. These cart batteries fit all standard cartridges with 510 thread. You can customize how strong the hit is by changing...
Lookah Ant Wax Pen Gray color
The ultimate solution for wax concentrate, Lookah Ant Wax Pen is powerful and compact. Perfectly fits the palm of your hands making it perfect for those who do not want...

Dab pens have revolutionized the vaping industry. The time for using big dab rigs, scary torches, and messy oils is over. You can vape on the go, anywhere you like with a device that can fit in your pocket hole. 

Our list of the top-selling Dab Pens and oil Batteries. This collection has name brand vape devices that specialize in making dab pens. Our favorites include the Yocan UNI which is called the "Universal Mod." Basically, this is a device you want yo use that will fit all your oil cartridges, Dab carts, and wax cartridges.  

Another popular battery for your cartridges includes the Frio. The advantage of using the Frio is how easy it is to use. You don't need to have any experience with vaping to use the Frio. Simply twist your oil cartridge and press the button to fire. 

The Frio Dab & Oil pens are compact and have a voltage control. The user has the ability to change the voltage to fit their vaping needs. Some thick oil might need higher voltage to heat better.  

These are two of our top sellers right now. You can certainly find other devices can fit your style.