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Modus Tap Out Blend Gummies
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Tap Out Blend Gummies Blue Taffy is the new release by the popular Medusa (Modus) Brand. The  Pink Burst is an Indica strain made with Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Each cartridge...

After the success of the the knockout gummies, Medusa (Modus) introduces the tap out blend Gummies. These edibles are the new and improved version with carefully blended cannabinoids to give you unmatched THC hit. Now available with 7 unique and delicious mouth watering flavors. 

What is in the Tap Out Blend Gummies that makes it extra special? 

This edible is made from all natural ingredients. The THC master blend has D11, THC-B, THC-X and D8 Liquid Diamonds. We will tell you what each of these are used for. All these extracts are grown in the USA and come from hemp. 

  • DELTA 11 tetrahydrocannabinol: This is a very rare cannabinoids found in trace amount in the hemp plants. What are the benefits of d11? It provides a strong relaxtion. It also elevates mood and helps with anxiety and stress.
  • THC-X: This is used to help with pain and nausea. 
  • DELTA 8 Liquid Diamonds: is a mixture of live resin and and delta 8 diamonds. The liquid diamonds contains the full terpenes so it enhances the flavor profile.

Available flavors:

  • Pink Burst (Indica): Sweet and delicious strawberry gummies. 
  • Blue Taffy (Indica): Indulge in refreshing blue razbbery taffy. If you are looking for sweet gummies, these are for you. 
  •  Pineapple Whip (Hybrid): Sweet and tropical Hawaiian Pineapples with hint of creamy soft serve ice cream.
  • Mega Melons (Hybrid): A balanced hybrid strain of mouthwatering melons. Perfect balance of sweet and sour. 

Other flavors: Assorted (all flavors together in 1 pack), White Gummy, and Unicorn Bites. We are working on adding these flavors to our site ASAP. 

Tap Out Blend Gummies Product information:

  • 3000MG EACH PACK
  • Third party lab tested 
  • Made from hemp and natural ingredients 
  • Made in USA

Warning: Do not take while operating heavy machinery or driving. 

These gummies are for experienced edible users. The suggested serving size is 1 gummy. However, if you are new to edibles please take half a gummy to start and to measure your tolerance. You can take 1 whole gummy after 90 minutes, if you haven't reached your desired effect.

Are these delta 8 gummies legal? 

Yes, all of our gummies have less than .03% THC which is the legal limit.