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Hometown Hero Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Blueberry)
$70.00 $45.00
Let daily woes melt through a deep, rich berry flavor trailed by herbal notes. With 25mg of hemp THC and 4mg of freshly pressed indica concentrate, a peaceful night is...
Hometown Hero Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Gelato)
$70.00 $45.00
Mellow earthiness with smooth fruity hints and a mild peppery aftertaste derive from the Gelato strain. With live rosin and 25mg of Delta-9 THC from hemp, embrace tranquility from this...
KYNN Live Rosin Gummy 350mg
Introducing the KYNN Labs Live Rosin Gummy 350mg, your ultimate companion for a potent and flavorful cannabis experience. Crafted with precision and care, each mega gummy packs a punch with...
Hometown Hero Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Northern Lights)
$70.00 $45.00
This indica's origin? A mystery. Its reputation? Legendary. With these confections, you get sweet pine with spicy hints of pepper from the Northern Lights strain with 25mg of Delta-9 THC...
Hometown Hero Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Blood Orange)
Hometown Hero Gummies will let the sun in with every citrusy bite of natural flavor and extract pressed fresh from a Dutch sativa. Each confection contains 25mg of hemp THC,...
Hometown Hero Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Blue Dream)
$70.00 $45.00
An herbal profile with bright fruity highlights and faint orange zest speaks of the Blue Dream strain. Experience this West Coast sativa with live rosin paired with 25mg of Delta-9...
Hometown Hero Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Hybrid)
$60.00 $45.00
A regal extract brings piney flavor, citrus notes, and a hybrid terpene profile to these sweet, chewy confections. Paired with Delta-9 THC from hemp, these gummies embody all that is...
Hometown Hero Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Indica)
$60.00 $45.00
From craft and nature comes a live indica terpene profile with a fresh piney flavor highlighted by citrus. With 25mg of hemp-derived Delta-9, it's time to enjoy the finer things...
Hometown Hero Delta-9 Live Rosin Gummies (Sativa)
$60.00 $45.00
Nature meets elegance with this live sativa terpene profile that comes to life with a fresh piney flavor, hints of citrus, and of course, 25mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC. Live...

Delta 9 Live Rosin Gummies are what people are hyped and looking for in edibles. We have curated a list of the top selling products in this category. Our team at 2nd wife have tested each one of these THC Live Rosin and compiled only the ones that we loved and used. This collection also includes customers favorites.

What is Live Rosin Gummies?

Live Rosin is is different from other extracts like shatter. It is extracted without the using of any chemical solvents. Live Rosin is very potent form of THC.

Which companies have the best Delta 9 Live Rosin Gummies? 

Hometown Hero is probably the most well known company to make Live Rosin Gummies. Each gummy is made from the purest form of cannabis. What we love about this Texas Based company is that all their edibles are made from legal hemp. Which means, anyone can enjoy THC in any place in the United States. (Must be 21 of age)